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Why marijuana is illegal in the U.S. |ATTN:

marijuana illegal

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2 comments on “Why marijuana is illegal in the U.S. |ATTN:

  1. J. White
    June 28, 2015

    Nice succinct article, although you left out a major player in the demonizing of Mexican immigrants via their use of Marijuana, William Randolph Hearst.
    It was his newspapers almost exclusively that ran and hyped those stories and aside from his being racist towards Mexicans, he also had a lot too lose if hemp became the primary source of paper considering he already owned a considerable amount of forest land and used it to provide paper for his media empire.

    You also skipped the part about the government issued Marijuana Tax Stamps that were required in order to produce, process, sell or possess Marijuana.
    Problem was that in order to get a stamp, you had to provide proof that you needed it, in essence you had to show/give up your stash and if you did then you were arrested because you didn’t have a tax stamp and were in violation of the law.
    That stayed on the books until 1967 I believe when Timothy Leary challenged it before the supreme court and won. Most people don’t know that for about 3 months in that year, marijuana was legal.
    It was the exact same thing they did to curtail the sale of automatic machine guns.
    It is also worth mentioning that the same tactics were employed in reaction to the Chinese immigrants and opium in the late 1800’s and again against blacks with cocaine in the 1920’s.
    The same methodology of “dealing” with a “troublesome” subculture by demonizing their chosen substance was once again employed in the 1960’s in regards to LSD.

    funny, history always repeats itself.

    • thoraaron
      June 28, 2015

      Interesting stuff. We were trying to do a brief overview, as books could be written about this topic. In terms of the opium and cocaine histories, you can find separate articles for those linked on this website.

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